Welcome to Soft Skills

We are coming up on our official "1 year" anniversary at The Gate, and as a marker of sorts, we are pleased to launch the "Soft Skills" blog.   

Obviously, having marketed our own businesses and consulted now for many clients of various sizes, we know how critical content creation is... but it took us a while to figure out exactly what kind of content we wanted to create here.  The thing about The Gate is that we don't just offer our clients ONE way of working with us-  in many ways we're the room of requirements for our clients.   If visuals are what will make a a client's branded experience stronger, we have worked on that.  If content is what is needed, we've worked on that.  If it's overall messaging strategy, we've done it.  So what kind of content encapsulates that flexibility, but ties together the throughline of what we do?  

The answer is E.Q. In every project and with every client, what The Gate brings to the table is the emotional intelligence to help craft and delivery your brand message to your consumer in a way that connects.  Yes, data drives a lot of that, but so does emotional intelligence.  So do soft skills.

The Soft Skills blog is going to be a place to share all about E.Q and the soft skills needed to more effectively tell the story of your brand or personal brand to your consumer, to your team, even to people at a cocktail party.  Looking forward to creating a relationship with you in the coming days, weeks, months and more.  

Xochitl Gonzalez